SRM Ltd - HACCP - Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points

SRM The overriding goal of our management system specialist is to work closely with our clients to place quality assurance at the heart of the organization's culture so as to achieve continual productivity improvement through a comprehensive quality management system. We facilitate the implementation of the ISO 9001:2000 standard in small, medium and large enterprises. We have perfected a strong methodological approach that has proven its worth in the implementation of quality assurance systems in small, medium and large enterprises. Our staffs are very competent and they are able to offer valuable services to help our clients achieve their desired quality improvement objectives. Some of our completed projects are listed below:


  • Mauritius Telecom Group (Mauritius Telecom Ltd, Cellplus Ltd, Telecom Plus Ltd, Teleservices Ltd, Mauritius Telecom Rodrigues Ltd)
  • State Insurance Corporation of Mauritius (SICOM)
  • British American Tobacco PLC (BAT)
  • Data Communications Ltd
  • SAGAM (Madagascar), a BPO
  • Alpha Cleaning Ltd
  • Unicorn Ltd
  • Il Moro Di Venezia Ltée
  • PAD & Co Ltd
  • Bonny Air Travel and Tours Ltd
  • Queenswear Ltd
  • Universal Fabrics Ltd